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So, you’re looking for a new cellular plan? Be sure to start your search online to procure a quick, birds-eye view of wireless phone service prices. Do they come with free cell phones, the lowest rates, comparable pricing? A thorough search will help you determine your best calling plan options.

Free mobile phone offers and lower rate plans are indeed enticing, but are they really the cheapest cell phone plans? To find the absolute cheapest service to meet your needs will take a small amount of due diligence. But due diligence must be done! There is much more to this than mere costs per minute.

Are not the cheapest cell phone plans the ones with the smallest bill at the end of each monthly cycle? Isn’t that what you hope to accomplish without sacrificing quality of service? So, how does one track down the best plan with the lowest rates and the smaller monthly bill?

Wireless calling plans come in two forms: prepaid, or “pay as you go”, and standard monthly billing plans. When deciding which is best for you, think about how much and how often you’ll use the cellular service each month.

Prepaid wireless plans are great if you will not be using the service very often. If you use your phone on limited occasions, you’ll benefit from a prepaid service since it doesn’t cost much to add minutes to a prepaid phone and you won’t need to order minutes again for awhile.

Monthly plans are best if you are going to use your service regularly. Perhaps it will be used for all your calling needs. You’ll most likely require a plan offering unlimited night and weekend calls, free cellphone to cellphone, and a substantial number of anytime minutes. Sign a service agreement and you can even get a free phone.

The magic behind to the cheapest cell phone plans is determining in your monthly usage, rates, desired incentives and more. Desired incentives are factors such as a free phone or free minutes. Balance all three factors with a monthly price you can afford and you’ll find the cheapest cell phone plan.

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